The plant extracts in our products have been appreciated by the people all over the world for centuries
You want to take your life more into your own hands?

Pagellus - Harvesting Knowledge

Pagellus goal is to develop products for the benefit of man based on a very long experience with certain vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. For a balanced and satisfied life.

Tradition meets modernity

Our products are based on vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients with the knowledge from all over the world. On this basis, we develop products that can support us in the fast-moving time.

For the people

A helping hand instead of big words: We want to support the well-being of our customers. To do so, we respond into individual life situations with energy, openness and empathy.

A safe feeling

Trust is the center of our corporate philosophy. From the active ingredients to the price-performance ratio, we work transparently and guarantee a safe product, which we have produced according to high quality standards in Germany.

Our Mission: With our long standing experience in vitamins, trace elements and natural extracts, we help people to regain their inner balance.

Research never stops

The quality of our products has the highest priority. Time and again, we put our methods to the test and work on increasing the quality of our preparations and exploring new drug combinations.

Proven, natural ingredients

The selection of our ingredients includes their natural origin as well as their proven effect over centuries. The quality of all ingredients is checked by stricter analytical methods, so that our customers can always rely on a flawless, safe and side effect-free preparation.


Nasser Bathar N. AlBatherr

Managing Director

Nasser Bathar N. AlBatherr

mad Abdulkarim M. Khalil

Managing Director

Imad Abdulkarim M. Khalil

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